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FRAMES BY POST Metro Distressed White Picture Photo Frame

FRAMES BY POST Metro Distressed White Picture Photo Frame

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This 39mm x 18mm Distressed White moulding is part of our classic range and is manufactured to the highest quality in our factory in the UK. This frame is made from MDF and is a modern, elegant, shaped design. All of our frames come complete with glass or plastic glass and MDF backing board. The size shown is the glass/picture size not the overall size. The frame comes ready to hang or stand, portrait or landscape, frames sizes 16 x 12 and above are for hanging only and are supplied with seperate hangers.

The larger sizes (20"x16" and above) come with plastic glass, rather than traditional glass. On receiving, please remove the protective film from both sides of the styrene. The protective film is left on the styrene during manufacture to keep it dust, fingerprint and scratch free, once the film is removed the styrene will be in an ideal condition and ready for use. The styrene looks no different from glass but is a safer option for shipping.

The size shown is the styrene/picture size not the overall frame size and is shown in inches. The frame comes with hangers attached enabling the frame to be hung either portrait or landscape. Each frame is packaged to ensure it arrives in an ideal condition. If you have any technical questions regarding this frame please contact us.

The frame is listed by the picture size it is made to fit - e.g. a 12"x10" frame size will be intended for a 12"x10" picture. The external frame dimensions will be larger to accommodate the moulding width. The visible area from the front of the frame will be slightly smaller than the stated size (a matter on mm on each side), as the frame rebate at the front holds everything together.